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Upcoming Festivals

Upcoming Festivals

Important Festivals Celebrated By The Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, At Shirdi

The three main festivals are celebrated in Shirdi. They are Ramnavami (March/April), Guru Purnima (July),and Vijayadashami (September). These festivals are celebrated with great passion, verve and he artfulness. There is a programme of puja, music (bhajan) public parayana (reading of scriptures and devotional texts) and exuberant processions with the palanquin and the Rath (Chariot). The Samadhi Mandir remains open all night during one of these days with Dwarkamai being open the previous night and there are all night bhajan and qawali sessions at various locations in the village. Printed programmes with full details are available at the Sansthan Office.

Shri Guru Pournima

Shri Guru PournimaFrom 04/07/2020 to 06/07/2020

1Day Ashadha Sh. 14 Saturday (Begins - Palanquin) 04.07.2020
2Day Ashadha Sh. 15 Sunday (Main Day - Ratha) 05.07.2020
3Day Ashadha Kr. 1 Monday (End Day) 06.07.2020
Shri Punyatithi

Shri PunyatithiFrom 24/10/2020 to 26/10/2020

1Day Ashwin Sh. 9 Saturday (First Day - Palkhi) 24.10.2020
2Day Ashwin Sh. 10 Sunday (Main Day - Rath) 25.10.2020
3Day Ashwin Sh. 11 Monday (Third Day) 26.10.2020